At Matsuso, there is no such thing as 'good enough'.

  • It all starts with a design sketch
    The important step of first giving shape to the envisioned image. Each person is asked for their input. Everything begins with the design sketch. They are created just like drawing a single picture.
    It is truly an art form.
  • Our obsession with tools
    "If it doesn't exist, I'll even make the tool myself."
    The tools are not pre-existing. These are tools that consistently come from the imaginations of professionals.The approach of Matsuso's "originality first" policy is clearly evident in even one plane.
  • A breathtaking competition of skill
    Give shape to the design.Each obsessive detail transforms itself into a shape. No matter the difficulty of the required technique, much thought and effort is put into its execution. It is a breathtaking cavalcade of skills.

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