Irodori Series

The history japan, or lacquer ware,in this country began in the Jomon Period and came into full bloom in the Edo Period after Nara/Heian periods. In particular, the Kyoto lacquer has abundant pieces of work ordered from the Imperial Court and feudal lords, and regarded as the domestic pinnacle because of the distinguished commitment to quality and degree of completeness. Lacquer art requires a great many process flows starting from plain wood and ending in polished finish. The work can be said one of the representative arts and crafts created by skilled artisans with a great deal of time and care. In the Irodori series, it was made possible to preserve the luster longer compared to that of the conventioal lacquer to add to the traditional techniques for Kyoto lacquer, thereby allowing full expressiveness in the modern furniture. Admirable harmonization of East and West, is the result of our committed effort.

Main material qualities

Other series

Irodori Series

  • Irodori Dining Chair No.2 Armless
  • Irodori Dining Chair No.1 Arm
  • Irodori Dining Chair No.1 Armless
  • Irodori Tea Table No.1
  • Irodori Console Table No.1 600
  • Irodori Console Table No.1 900
  • Irodori Dining Table No.1
  • Irodori Side Board No.1
  • Irodori Curio Case No.1
  • Irodori Chest No.1

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