Takumi & Yasuragi Series

This collection is modeled on Japanese dressers ("jidai tansu") that appeared from the Edo Period into the Meiji Period. In addition to their everyday functionality, they are also very durable, with a lovely exterior whose practical beauty breaks the boundaries of folk art. The result is furniture with a peculiarly Japanese beauty. The surfaces are real traditional Japanese zelkova, while the lacquering process brings out the pattern of the wood grain perfectly. As time passes, they will become even more vivid and unique than when they were first made. They have all the advantages of handmade crafts, using no dowels or iron nails, which warp the wood during assembly. Instead, they are made to last, with interlocking pieces of wood, cogs and wooden pegs. The drawers themselves are made from paulownia with globally recognized top practices for precision.

Main material qualities

Other series


  • Nancy Desk & Chair
  • Bench
  • Yasuragi Chest
  • Flower type Low Table(S)
  • Flower type Low Table(L)
  • The Stairs Chest
  • Chestnut Type Table
  • Chestnut Type Stool
  • Seat Chair
  • Sansai Cupboard
  • Circle Table 'Shamidou'
  • Small Chair 'Shamidou' No.3
  • Chest With Wheel
  • Boat Chest
  • Small Chair
  • Zelkova Table

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