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Since our founding, we have continued to make true furniture for our customers, which they can leave to following generations. We construct dressers using traditional Japanese joinery techniques and, with our factory in Kyoto, we have also mastered the Kyo lacquer technique.

We have polished our techniques with the sole idea of "wanting to make real furniture that can be used for 100 or 200 years." As a result, we are committed to carrying out the entire production process within our company. By drying and sawing logs, then allowing them to sit for years to eliminate any warping, we create a usable material and follow production processes that are suitable to that material.

In recent years, we have applied our polished Kyo lacquer technique in new craft endeavors such as mirror finishes where polyester resin is applied in many layers like it is done in lacquering. Nowadays, we are also using this technical prowess in our undertakings in ship interior designs, etc.

Moving forward, we intend to continue to produce and improve our craft in order to provide our customers with good quality furniture.

Company Outline

Company Name Matsuso Co.,Ltd.
953 Hirotani-cho,Fuchu City,Hiroshima Prefecture,726-0011
TEL 0847-45-3621
FAX 0847-45-3046
Established 1961.5
Initial Capital 30 million yen
Representative Masanori Matsuoka, President and CEO
Employees 45 people
Dscription of Business Manufacture and sales of high-class Japanese-style and Western-style furniture; Manufacture and sales of custom-ordered furniture interior products; design and construction of interior finish work;
  • Head Office Plant:
    953 Hirotani-cho,Fuchu City,Hiroshima Prefecture
  • Secondary Plant:
    547-1 Aza Shiroyama,Hirotani-cho,Fuchu City,Hiroshima Prefecture
Tokyo showroom GINZA Matsuso:
Mihara-building 4F 4-8-4 Ginza Chuo-ku,Tokyo

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