Kyourushi Series

The history of Japanese lacquer ware began in the Jōmon Period, and it flourished through the Nara and Heian periods and into the Edo Period. Above all others, Kyoto lacquer ware was produced in greater volume and with greater attention to detail, at the behest of the Imperial Court and feudal lords, placing it at the pinnacle of the Japanese craft. The art of lacquer actually requires more than 30 days from unglazed piece to final polishing. Master artisans who have practiced for years may take months or years to complete a piece, making for the most exemplary of Japanese crafts.

At Matsuso, we were fascinated by the delicacy and deep significance of the art of lacquer, which is growing rare as artisans have trouble finding successors. So our designers spent long years in Kyōto studying the art, which they used to create a variety of lacquer pieces including lacquer dressers and other furnishings. These pieces are even finished with embedded metallic leaf by a master of the technique. “To leave behind this furniture for the next generation” - that is our hope.

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Kyourushi Series

  • Suminoe
  • Funabashi
  • Yatsuhashi
  • Nunobiki
  • Nashiji Senmen
  • Kouhakubai
  • Akikusa
  • Kourin Akikusa
  • Jikumakie
  • Nanban Byoubu

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