Jin Series

The "Jin Series" is the lineup of Living & Dining series designed using ebony known as the representative imported refined wood. Ebony has been used for high-quality furnitures since ancient times. The compact and rich luster was loved by the Emperor Shomu so that many woodwork pieces of this material are treasured in Shosoin(Nara Prefecture). Today ebony is very difficult to obtain and viewed as valuable material, while the beauty of the grain has long been prized as furniture wood since olden days.

Main material qualities

Other series

Jin Series

  • Jin Series
  • Jin Dining Chair No.1 Arm
  • Jin Dining Chair No.1 Armless
  • Jin Dining Chair No.2 Arm
  • Jin Dining Chair No.3 Arm
  • Jin Dining Chair No.3 Armless
  • Jin Sofa No.1 1P
  • Jin Sofa No.1 3P
  • Jin Center Table No.1
  • Jin Dining Table No.1
  • Jin Dining Table No.2
  • Jin Console Table No.2
  • Jin TV Board No.1

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