Savoie Series

The "Savoie Series" was designed japonaiserie with contemporary method in the motif of ancient Japanese aesthetic consciousness.The chic-finished design with madrona depicts excellent contrast combined with the accent of rosewood,thus reminding us of the essence of aesthetics. The attitude toward creation of new things always keeping pace with the times,while inheriting the traditional techniques handed over to us. - Such "back to source" content is the theme of the series.

Main material qualities

Other series

Savoie Series

  • Savoie Dining Chair No.2 Arm
  • Savoie Dining Chair No.2 Armless
  • Savoie Dining Table No.1
  • Savoie Cup Board No.1
  • Savoie Jewelry Box No.1
  • Savoie Chest No.1
  • Savoie Chest No.2

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